Unifyingthe Entire Financial Ecosystem

ExoniumDEX is a decentralised exchange (DEX) primarily designed to be a unifying exchange of all cryptocurrencies and synthetic assets.

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The use

ExoniumDEX will be used to support trading for all kinds of cryptocurrency projects and traditional assets, providing significant liquidity to the decentralised finance (DEFI) universe by being all-inclusive.

As a one-stop DEX, ExoniumDEX will be positioned as a pivotal platform in the cryptocurrency space, allowing inter-exchange of all coins regardless of blockchain technology in a safe, transparent and permissionless environment.

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The Ecosystem Tokens



tEXO is the platform governance token that allows token holders to vote on proposals and approve new asset listings on ExoniumDEX.

After initial equitable distribution of tEXO via a seed staking pool, tEXO will be the yield token to incentivise liquidity providers on ExoniumDEX. tEXO will also need the key collateral for tDollar - ExoniumDEX’s stable coin.



After the initial staking and farming phase, we will introduce FAANG as a reward for the tEXO community.

To incentivise early tEXO community, users will be able to stake tEXO before the synthetic assets platform launch and will receive FAANG tokens as reward. After the launch of synthetic assets platform, users will be able to redeem tFB, tAAPL, tAMZN, tNFLX and tGOOGL.

*Do note that FAANG will only be available for a limited period of time only. tEXO will remain as the core yield token within the ecosystem.


tASSET - Synthetics

tASSET are blockchain tokens minted on ExoniumDEX that reflect prices of real-world assets on-chain.

tASSET allows traders to have price exposure and trading opportunities to off-chain assets while enabling fractional ownership, open access and censorship resistance as any other cryptocurrency.

*Do note that, unlike traditional shares which serve to represent a real, underlying asset such as Apple or Tesla stocks, tASSET is purely synthetic and only captures the price movement of the corresponding asset through an oracle.



Within the Exonium DEX ecosystem, tDOLLAR will be the platform’s stablecoin.

tDOLLAR is a decentralized, unbiased, collateral-backed cryptocurrency soft-pegged to the US Dollar. tDollar will be used as collateral for new synthetic assets minted on Exonium DEX.

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The Ecosystem Participants



A trader engages in buying and selling tASSET or TEXO and benefits from price exposure. Trading can be executed via Automated Market Maker on our platform


tASSET Minter

A minter acts as a user that enters into a collateralized debt position (CDP) in order to obtain newly minted tokens of an tASSET. CDPs can accept collateral in either tDollar or tASSET, and must maintain a collateral ratio above the tASSET's minimum. Collateral can be withdrawn as long as the CDP's collateral ratio remains above the minimum. Minters can adjust the CDP's collateral ratio by burning tASSET or depositing more collateral.


Liquidity Provider

A liquidity provider adds equal amounts of an tASSET and tDollar to the corresponding liquidity pool on ExoniumDEX, which increases liquidity for that market. By providing liquidity to the pool, the liquidity provider will receive newly minted LP tokens from smart contracts. This LP token represents the liquidity provider's share in the pool and receives rewards from the pool's trading fees. When reclaiming the share of tASSET and tDollar from the pool, the LP will be burnt.



A staker acts as a user that stakes LP Tokens or just tEXO in order to earn ExoniumDEX governance and yield token, tEXO. Stakers are incentivized for being part of ExoniumDEX ecosystem and encourage perpetual support to the development of the platform.

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Audit Parties